From the Other Side of Call Night

It’s a big week for both LC-MS seminaries–Vicarage Placements and Call Nights are here!

That means it’s been a year since I anxiously waited to hear where God was calling my husband.  Life looks drastically different for us now than it did then.  We faced so many unknowns: What sort of church would we go to? What would life be like with our unborn child? Where would we live? How far would we be from family? Would we have to buy our own home?

Now we have significantly less known unknowns (because despite our best laid plans, we never fully know what life holds in store for us).  Babykins made her grand entrance 7 months ago. We are slowly settling into our life in a small town and looking forward to having more than a year to adjust. Best of all, we never again have to go through the drama that is known as Call Night–a.k.a. The night you receive life-altering news during a church service in front of a couple hundred people.

Instead, I’ll watch this year’s service online and excitedly/nervously wait to hear where God is calling dear friends.  Prayers for peace for all of you awaiting placements and calls!

Click here for more information about watching Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne’s Vicarage Placement and Call services.

Click here for more information about watching Concordia Seminary St. Louis’s Vicarage Placement and Call services.


Best Laid Plans of Mice and Moms

Yesterday, Babykins slept horribly.  She wouldn’t let me put her in her crib to sleep after 3 a.m., she fought going down for naps, and only slept in 30-minute stretches when she finally succumbed to sleep.  We had one errand to accomplish yesterday–going to the small grocery store in town.  The grocery store is only a mile away, so this errand could easily be squeezed in at any time of day.  Long naps would have been perfect yesterday, but Babykins wanted to party all day instead.

Today is “going to town” day.  We typically go to my moms’ group and go to a store.  Since the bigger town is a 30+ minutes drive away, this endeavor easily takes half the day.  Today Babykins decided to go down for a nap at 8:15 a.m.  She slept for over an hour and a half.  The moms’ group met at 10 a.m.  Short naps would have been perfect today, but apparently Babykins wants to catch up on sleep.  Figures.

best laid plans

To The Older Man

To the older man with white hair pulling out of the Hy-Vee’s “Expecting/New Mother” parking spot:

I’m pretty sure neither description applies to you.  Jerk.


Touche, My Talented Babykins

Babykins is a multitasker.  Now that her days are filled with eating solids, pushing herself about, eating her toes, chatting to her stuffed animals, and other such baby activities, she’s often too busy to make breastfeeding and sleep two separate activities.  Yes, I have a baby who nurses to fall sleep and, more often then I would like, nurses to stay asleep (*cue dramatic music and cut image to frowning sleep expert*).

This has been going on for about 6 weeks, but the last two weeks have been particularly rough.  As in, often not letting me put her down for longer than 30 minutes for a nap and waking every 1.5-2 hours at night.  I consider it a pretty amazing feat on Babykins’s part to make me–the person who almost never naps in the car because sleeping upright is too uncomfortable–fall asleep for an hour or two in the glider multiple times (yes, I know that this isn’t safe.  It’s not like I’m consciously choosing to sleep in the glider instead of the bed at 3 a.m).  Who would have thought that 11 lbs of baby could be such a strong force?  I certainly didn’t.

Oh, I know we could do things differently.  I know we could sleep train.  During a particularly bad night, I even let her cry for awhile.  But it just doesn’t feel right for us yet.

But after these past couple of weeks, I think we may be turning a corner.  Babykins has taken at least 1 long nap without me nursing her the last two days.  Last night, I had 4–that’s right, 4–uninterrupted hours of sleep.  Chronic sleep deprivation is a funny thing because I feel great today.  I even smiled at church!

And even if these last few days have been a fluke, we’re still moving Babykins out of our room and into the nursery.  Hopefully she thinks it’s as great idea as my husband and I think it is!

The Noble Beggar

I once read a great description of cats that went something like this:

Cats are hilarious because they act dignified but they do ridiculous things.

It’s true. Be that trying to pretend that they meant to fall off the couch or ignoring you after you disciplined them for climbing on the counter, cats try to add dignity to whatever silly thing they are doing.

Case in point:

Noble Beggar

Our cat may look like she’s cool, calm in collected.  In reality, she is sitting next to Babykins’s highchair waiting for food to drop to the floor.  I never thought a creature could look noble while begging, but apparently cats can.


Happy Easter and We Survived!

Happy Easter, everyone!  Christ is risen! Alleluia!

We survived our first Lent as a “pastor’s family”.  We’ll add that as a bonus celebration today (and by “celebration”, I mean watching my husband sleep and battling with Babykins to take a decent nap).

Babykins is Mobile

I have to call it: Babykins is mobile.  It’s not because she can roll over (she’s done it a few times but doesn’t seem interested in pursuing it).  It’s not because she crawl.  The child cannot even sit up on her own.

But yesterday I took a shower while Babykins was awake.  Since she gets upset if I put her in her bouncer, I’ve started laying her on a blanket just outside the bathroom door and simply leave the door open (yes, the secret life of a mother–I shower with the bathroom door open).  With this set up, she’ll play with the toys I lay next to her on her blanket while I quickly clean myself up.

This is where I put her before stepping into the shower:

starting 2

Safely on a blanket with a couple of stuffed animals and no dangerous objects within reach.

This is where she was when I got out of the shower 7 minutes later:



6 feet away from where I placed her, head facing the opposite direction, blanket over her head (don’t worry, it was a crocheted one so she could still breathe), and playing with the closet door hinge.

Apparently, she very determinedly wiggled herself there and was very pleased with herself.  It looks like we need to start baby proofing!