Babykins is Mobile

I have to call it: Babykins is mobile.  It’s not because she can roll over (she’s done it a few times but doesn’t seem interested in pursuing it).  It’s not because she crawl.  The child cannot even sit up on her own.

But yesterday I took a shower while Babykins was awake.  Since she gets upset if I put her in her bouncer, I’ve started laying her on a blanket just outside the bathroom door and simply leave the door open (yes, the secret life of a mother–I shower with the bathroom door open).  With this set up, she’ll play with the toys I lay next to her on her blanket while I quickly clean myself up.

This is where I put her before stepping into the shower:

starting 2

Safely on a blanket with a couple of stuffed animals and no dangerous objects within reach.

This is where she was when I got out of the shower 7 minutes later:



6 feet away from where I placed her, head facing the opposite direction, blanket over her head (don’t worry, it was a crocheted one so she could still breathe), and playing with the closet door hinge.

Apparently, she very determinedly wiggled herself there and was very pleased with herself.  It looks like we need to start baby proofing!


One Comment on “Babykins is Mobile”

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