The Sweet Spot

sweet spot

I wrote about how difficult Sunday mornings are a few months ago.  However, yesterday I realized that Sundays have gotten easier than when Babykins was itty-bitty.  In fact, the last month or so we almost never leave the sanctuary since she can be distracted from needing to nurse (especially since I feed her right before we leave the house).  I think we may be in a Sunday morning sweet spot.

Babykins isn’t as overwhelmed by the world as she once was.  She still doesn’t like to be held by strangers but she will tolerate them talking to her.  Likewise, her naps can be put off for longer periods of time (she’s actually quite talented at not sleeping), so she doesn’t get fussy when she first starts getting tired.  While church service still requires a juggling act of babywearing, hip-bouncing, and floor-time, I no longer have to spend the entire service pacing to keep her calm.  Sometimes I even absorb part of the sermon.

I realize this phase won’t last forever.  Soon enough, Babykins will enter tenacious toddlerhood and Sunday mornings in the pew will become more of a combination of a wrestling match and cat herding.  But for now, I will enjoy this reprieve!


2 Comments on “The Sweet Spot”

  1. […] that Babykins is 1, we are past the sweet spot on Sundays. Our time in the pew is becoming more like a combination of a wrestling match and a […]

  2. […] I’m not expecting Babykins to keep up this behavior indefinitely. Babies and toddlers grow too quickly for any routine to stay around too long. What has worked for us the last couple of weeks may very well not work this coming Sunday. But for now, I’ll enjoy another sweet spot of Sunday mornings. […]

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