Fur Baby

The term “Fur Baby” has several different meanings attached to it.

First off, there are the crazy people who legitimately believe that caring for and loving their pets is just like caring for and loving their child (and while pets and babies have many similarities, they aren’t the same).


Then there are the people who do not yet have children or are unable to have children. They adore their pets, but they also realize that pets are animals and not human. Therefore, they don’t demand that their pets be treated like children.


Finally, there is us. We have 2 cats who shed constantly. Seriously, I think one of them sheds on a whim, specifically when she’s extremely cuddly. Likewise, we have a baby, so consistent vacuuming just isn’t happening right now. Consequently, our fur baby looks like this:

fur baby


Yup, our current fur baby is just Babykins covered in cat fur. . .


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