The Unicorn Balance

It’s been a chaotic couple of months for our household with church things like VBS and District Convention, traveling, and hosting friends and family. I finished off this busy spell with a back to my hometown for a friend’s wedding while my husband stayed home to prepare for a funeral.

I wish I could solely blame the fact that my desk looks like a paper tornado blew through, sections of our lawn looks like we’re purposely growing weeds, and the internet payment is late yet again on our swamped schedule, but that isn’t the full truth. No, it’s the fact that after 10 months of having Babykins around I still haven’t found that mystical unicorn called “Balance”.

I understand the theory behind balance. You prioritize some things and let other things go in order to remain healthy, happy, and out of the loony bin. But I haven’t figured out what I should prioritize and how I should do it.

I let the budget slide and we don’t know how much money we can spend on clothes. I ignore the household chores and Babykins starts eating dried spaghetti and cat fur off the floor. I put Babykins down so I can look at this week’s grocery ad and she cries or rolls off into mischief. I use naptime to wash dishes and return phone calls and I feel burnt out from not getting “me” time. And sometimes I look at everything I’m supposed to do, throw in the proverbial towel, and aimlessly scroll through my Facebook newsfeed because I just can’t get it all done.

(Note: As I write this, I’m ignoring the dirty dishes in the sink, the massive pile of receipts on my desk, and the odd amount of grass littering the bathroom floor).

So how do you do stop feeling like you’re doing triage on life and start keeping things under control? I know it looks different for every person, but how do you choose your priorities when there isn’t enough time to do the important things? How do you capture the unicorn Balance?


Perhaps I’ll find you some day, Balance.




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