Much of new motherhood is about changing expectations. How I envisioned my days with a baby often vastly differ from the reality. For example, I thought my darling child would peacefully drift off to sleep as I rocked and nursed her. In reality, Babykins only fell asleep if I bounced her long enough to get her into a deep sleep. Or how I envisioned calmly going about my errands with my sweet baby in tow, instead I raced through one store before Babykins completely lost her cool.

Not all of the changed expectations are bad, but takes time to learn this new way of life. Any first time mother can attest to how hard that can be. However, there are brief moments when the life I envisioned with Babykins bursts into reality, easing the burden of the more difficult times.

This happened a few days ago. We a brief spell of cool autumn weather. Warm sunshine made the cold seem cozy and a dried leaves skittered across the lawn. And there was Babykins, crawling through the grass and enjoying the fall day. I sat on the step to the front door and watched her happy exploration as I sipped my afternoon cup of coffee. She studied a leaf here, paused to listen to the wind there, and looked back with a grin to make sure I was still with her.

That moment was a snapshot of what I envisioned a year ago. Expectation met.

Correction: Expectation nearly met. I forgot to account for the fact that the scene was often interrupted with me crying out, “Babykins, don’t put that in your mouth! Icky!” Oh well, nothing is perfect. 


6 Comments on “Expectations”

  1. Anna M says:

    Hi Katrina,

    Would you be interested in writing something–perhaps an expansion of this post–about the topic of being a mother for Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife (a blog about living our vocations as Lutheran women)? We’re running a series about motherhood. Here’s the opening post: http://www.sisterdaughtermotherwife.com/2015/09/so-youre-having-baby.html

  2. Rebekah says:

    I love those moments.

    p.s. you should totally write an article 🙂

  3. mcglaut190 says:

    I get this. I had so many fantasies about what I was going to do with my baby, and sometimes they happen, but sometimes i get impatient or my husband (or sometimes Baby) doesn’t think what I wanted to do with her was such a great idea.

    • Katrina says:

      Exactly! I read so many books about what babies should do. Lo and behold, my baby didn’t read any of the books and does her own thing in her own time. 🙂

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