Lower Your Expectations

Dear Self,

After doing this SAHM gig for over a year, I would hope you could come to the realization that some weeks things don’t get done.

Now please look at the calendar. See how your husband is going to be gone at the district pastor’s conference for 2 days? Do you remember that he comes back and needs to catch up on those 2 days of missed work? And don’t forget he has a council meeting Wednesday night.

See how your daughter has a doctor’s appointment today and will get vaccinated? Do you remember how awful she feels after these shots?

It would be in everyone’s best interest if you would lower your expectation on what will get accomplished this week. Dishes will pile up. Vacuuming won’t get done. Meals will be thrown together. And that piece of writing you’ve been trying to finish won’t be completed this week.

Realize this now and perhaps you can prevent the hysterical feeling that arises when your week doesn’t operate smoothly. Oh, and feel free to buy some chocolate from the grocery store.

With much love,

Your Pragmatic Side


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