Babykins’s Rules for Church

Now that Babykins is 1, we are past the sweet spot on Sundays. Our time in the pew is becoming more like a combination of a wrestling match and a rodeo. I’m pretty sure it’s because Babykins has her own rules for church. If she could talk, I think she would list them as must something like this:

1. Flail around as much as possible if Mommy tries to “wear” me. Well-meaning friends have told her that babywearing will save her sanity in church. She may think that she can keep me contained by popping me into a ring sling. Ha! I will not be contained unless there is something extremely interesting to observe! Instead, I will arch my back, flail my arms, and yell until she lets me free.

ring sling

2. Try to find the most interesting place in the sanctuary to explore. To be clear, the most interesting place is anywhere that Mommy is not.


3. Talk at inopportune times. The sermon and the Prayer of the Church are the best times to practice my new vocabulary as loud as I can. How else will people know that I am there? Plus, the sanctuary has the most wonderful echos.


4. When given a clear shot of the aisle, make a break for it. I’m not really sure if I want to see Daddy in his funny outfit or if I’m just referring to rule #2, but that aisle has a siren song for me. So far I have not succeed making it down the aisle, but some day Mommy will be too slow. Just you wait.


5. Smile at all the members as they leave so they never suspect me of mischief. Nobody can think ill of a cute baby grinning at them. Even if they do think I was a bit loud during the service, my adorableness will quickly erase any supposed wrongdoings.


With these rules, I help Mommy appreciate any future moments of peace she gets in the pew. With Daddy always working Sunday mornings, I’m making sure Mommy really savors those Sundays she has help (except for the fact that I will eventually start hollering if anyone besides Mommy tries to hold me).

If I wrote a more helpful blog, now would be the time I would include why it’s important to keep children in church and tips to help. But I don’t, so now all you have are these *beautiful* pictures. At any rate, I feel that I don’t have enough experience to write about either topic, so I’ll let other people explain. Here’s a useful post on helping children in church (*Disclaimer* I don’t find that sitting up front helps at this point, but I’ve known several families that do find their children behave better in the front pews). And here’s some encouragement for keeping children in church.


3 Comments on “Babykins’s Rules for Church”

  1. Rebekah says:

    I tried wearing the baby one time and never did it again if that makes you feel any better.

    This is definitely one of those times where you are doing something with the long haul in mind. After all these years of babies/children in the pew, even though I still want to cry every Sunday (more from missing my husband now and thinking of all the hard times in church over the years), I have such a deepening satisfaction and gratitude knowing that we have come through the fire and it was worth it.

    • Katrina says:

      Haha, I think babywearing is like most things in parenting. It works great for some mothers and for others it’s just not worth the fight.

      I have hope for a peaceful pew in the future. My SIL and Babykins’s godmother both wrangled 4 children in the pew without their pastor-husbands and they promise it will get better someday. 🙂

  2. […] Babykins is a toddler. She does toddler things like move constantly, yell at random times, and destroy things. She does not stop being a toddler when we go to church. Consequently, Sunday mornings can often feel like an exercise in futility as I try to keep her quiet and still during the church service. […]

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