DIY Toddler Friendly Photobook

Babykins has recently become interested in looking at photographs. One of her favorite pastimes is pulling picture frames off our low bookshelves so she can inspect the photographs. She also loves looking at the Shutterfly photobook that sits on the end table in our living room.

Since I can’t let Babykins look at the photobook by herself since she has a tendency to rip paper, I wanted to make a toddler-friendly book that she could look at whenever she wanted. I decided to make a simple one myself since Shutterfly doesn’t have a board book option for its photobooks.

How to Make a Toddler-Friendly Photobook

1. Choose your photos. I decided to order 4×6 prints off of Shutterfly (yes, I really like Shutterfly. No, I am not getting paid to write this post. 😉 ). I order prints of Babykins’s grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and our cats. I had some leftover family photos from Christmas last year, so that print is for “Mommy” and “Daddy”.

2. Laminate your photos. You want your photos to be sturdy so they don’t get crushes in toddler hands. I have a personal laminator that I used, but you can also check with print shops to see if they laminate.

3. Punch a hole (or two) in your photos and attach together. I personally used a ribbon because that’s what I had on hand, but a snap ring would probably work better.

end result

Viola! The end result is a sturdy little booklet of pictures that your toddler can carry around without destroying (or if they do manage to destroy it, you didn’t spend much money on the book).

Thus far Babykins isn’t as impressed by her photobook as I was hoping. But I suppose that one of the the laws of child rearing: The more excited you are to give them something, the less they care about it.



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