Momma Sick Day

Yesterday I woke up with a headache that began to turn into a migraine while I showered. My migraines are few and far between. They are also quite manageable as long as I can take some Tylenol and lay down for a half hour. Unfortunately, a half hour of rest when Babykins is awake isn’t doable these days.

My husband promised to relieve me once he was done teaching the women’s Bible study, so I hunkered down for a couple of hours of toddler-minding. I let Babykins clamber over the couch and armchair for awhile, read her The Very Busy Spider 10 times, and gave her a snack. I thought  I was feeling better and tried to start laundry, but the migraine resurfaced.

Admitting defeat, I tossed some toys on the floor for Babykins and laid down next to her. Of course, this wasn’t particularly helpful either because next thing I knew, one of our cats was trying to snuggle on me for warmth. Babykins thought this was a game a proceeded to pat my head again and again, giggling.

momma sick day

Next time I’m turning on the T.V.

Never fear, my husband returned soon after this and I got to rest. Fully recovered, Babykins and I spent the rest of the day doing Pinterest-worthy crafts, enriching activities that will make her into a genius, and cooking a feast. Just kidding. We went to the library where she licked the toys and then she cried when I tried to take her outside to play. 



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