Today is my husband and my date-a-versary (the anniversary of our first date). 7 years ago, my husband, who obviously wasn’t my husband at the time, knocked on my college apartment door as my giggling roommates scurried out of sight. He brought me flowers. We ate at a fancy restaurant that 2 broke college students really had no business going to, but we were young and a bit naive about money. We then went to a bar that had a local Irish band playing that night. It was a wonderful evening. It was also our last first date.

In a stroke of impeccable timing, my parents happen to be visiting us today. They watched Babykins this morning so my husband and I could go on a date (don’t worry, you don’t have to gag thinking about us planning a date to commemorate our date-a-versary. We planned this before I realized what today was). We went to a fashionable diner for brunch. It wasn’t as ritzy as the fancy restaurant and we wound up sitting next to a couple we suspected might be homeless, but it was delicious food. We could also afford it. Then, we stopped at Walgreens to get my husband some ibuprofen for a headache he couldn’t shake and I grabbed some autumn decorations at 90% off. We ended our date with a quick stop at a gourmet popcorn shop to pick up a treat for us (and buy a little thank you gift for my parents). Today’s date may have had less cliche, romantic moments like flowers and a fancy dinner, but it was still a lovely morning.


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