Early to Bed, Early to Rise

As of late, Babykins has been sleeping better at night. Sometimes she even sleeps through the night. Since her nighttime sleep has been settling, I’ve been trying to get up early to have some time to myself before Babykins wakes. However, after a year of extreme sleep deprivation and still getting up with Babykins several times a week, I find myself on the tired end of the wakefulness spectrum. Part of this is the fact that I’ve been pushing my bedtime back later and later. Of course, by “later” I mean “10 p.m.”

Nevertheless, a logical way to counteract tiredness is to go to bed earlier (I suppose I could also eat better and exercise more, but that sounds like a lot of work). So last night I told my husband that I wanted to start getting ready for bed at about 8:30. When the proverbial clock struck that time, I softly walked down the hall to check on the quiet Babykins who had been asleep for over an hour. I cracked open her door slowly, only to see a pair of small, but very awake, blue eyes staring at me.

Naturally, Babykins started crying because she saw me. My husband went in to try to soothe her but after a few minutes it was apparent that Babykins wasn’t going back to sleep with him. I relieved my husband of the sobbing Babykins and started nursing her.

Fortunately, Babykins went back to a full sleep fairly quickly. Unfortunately, by the time this was all done I wasn’t going to bed any early than I have been.

But you know what they say, “Early to bed and early to rise means diddly-squat when a toddler is involved.” Wait, that’s not how the saying goes?


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