Babykins likes to eat Cheerios. Specifically, she likes a small bowl of Cheerios on the floor. Then she can dump out the bowl and eat them off the floor. We call them Floor-i-Os.

I bought Babykins a fancy snack container that allows a child to grab food from the container while leaving the lid on. I actually bought the container for an upcoming road trip, but I thought it might help with the Floor-i-O issue. Consequently, this afternoon I put some Cheerios into Babykins’s fancy new snack container. This was the end result:


We still wound up with Floor-i-Os.


2 Comments on “Floor-i-Os”

  1. […] Be flexible with snacks. For our trip, I bought Babykins one of those fancy snack holders that helps keep the food from spilling (sort of). I also bought her some fancy baby puffs that quickly dissolve in your mouth. This way she can eat […]

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