The Post about a Post of a Post

Today was a busy day. My husband was busy at work, so Babykins and I were on our own most of the day. I needed to pack for our Thanksgiving travels but that feat is next to impossible with a toddler in tow. Naturally, because my husband had a service tonight and I needed to continue packing, Babykins gave bedtime a good fight for over an hour.

I had just gotten Babykins to sleep when my husband arrived home. Groaning, I informed him that I hadn’t written a post yet today. He thought for a moment, started laughing, and said, “You could draw a picture of a post for your post. Or is it faster to write something rather than draw something?”

“It’s faster for me to write,” I replied.

Since I still don’t have any ideas for today’s post, I’m now writing a post about my husband’s post suggestion of drawing a post.

The End.


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