Finishing NaBloPoMo

At the beginning of this month, I decided to unofficially participate in NaBloPoMo and committed to posting on my blog once a day during November. I am happy to say that I did achieve my goal and there are now 29 posts logged under “November 2015” (this will be number 30!).

Not every post is a marvelous piece of writing (and I’ll admit that the last week I’ve been scrambling to get anything posted). However, I did learn some things about my blogging the past month.

1. I can be more a more prolific writer than I thought.  Ever since Babykins arrived, I’ve struggled to produce blog posts. Exhaustion is partly to blame, but most of the reason is that I really didn’t think I had the time. Obviously, that is not true. I can find time to write if I commit to it.

2. I have limited time throughout the day for personal activities. While I do enjoy writing, I also have other things I like to do. On the days I try to create a full blog post, that leaves very little time for my other enjoyments. I suppose this should have been obvious.

3. I have certain times of day that I write better. I found out that if I wanted to write a full post, I needed to start in the morning and finish during naptime. If I waited until the evening, my creative energy was spent and I couldn’t write. This wasn’t a huge surprise since I’ve always been a morning person.

After participating in NaBloPoMo this past month, I’m seriously considering making a posting schedule and sticking to it–not every day, but perhaps a couple of times a week. However, I wouldn’t implement a schedule until the new year because I’m not a (completely) crazy person. Getting through December is the priority right now. 🙂



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