Parenting Hack Test: Baby Chain Links as Cabinet Locks

Our wonderfully spacious kitchen full of cabinets is extremely tedious to childproof. The cabinet handles are designed that simple childproof locks won’t work. The only locks that can be installed need to be attached with screws.


Ain’t nobody got time to install locks on all these doors!

So what’s a lazy busy mother to do? A few months ago, I read one of those lifehacks lists that suggested using baby chain links to lock drawers and cabinets.

Recently, Babykins has been getting into the cabinets and drawers more when I work in the kitchen. I already set up a drawer with her plates, bowls, and cups, as well as some toys. However, like a typical toddler, Babykins knows that whatever I willingly give her can’t be as good as whatever I keep trying to distract her from. Last week after continually saying, “Babykins, stay out of there. Babykins, no. Babykins, STOP!”, I decided to try the chain links on a few cabinets in an attempt to stop her from pulling out everything within reach.


Surprise–does actually work!

I wouldn’t use these as a way to keep Babykins away from extremely dangerous items like chemicals. I figure it’s only a matter of time before she figures out how to unhook the links. Additionally, Babykins can still get the doors open wide enough that there is a risk of smashed fingers. However, this solution is perfect for keeping her out of cabinets that hold annoying things to clean up (things like 500 paper napkins). It would also be an easy way to bring “locks” when visiting family and friends who don’t have babies or toddlers.


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