Parenting Hack Test: Bed Sheet Play Yard

I’m back again to test another parenting hack. In one of those “Genius Ideas for Parents” lists that float around the internet, it was suggested to use a fitted sheet to help keep sand off your things when at the beach. Well, it’s currently March in Iowa–not exactly beach-going weather. However, I thought this hack might be useful for Babykins’s sensory playtime (a.k.a.–“Let’s distract the toddler so Mommy can get something done” time).

About once a week, I dig out a container of rice and let Babykins play in it. The first time I did this, I learned it’s a big pain to vacuum dry grains of rice off of carpet. The next time I laid out a tablecloth but rice was still strewn around the kitchen. Yesterday I decided to try the bed sheet hack.


Our cats like sensory play as well.

The Pros:

-The majority of the rice stayed in the sheet during playtime.

-It was free (the sheet was my old XL twin sheet from my college days).

The Cons:

-The objects holding the corners have to be very heavy (the two books in the upper corner weren’t heavy enough).

-The sheet didn’t stay perfectly smooth, so bits of rice would get covered by the folds.

-I still got rice on the carpet when I tried to shake it out.

Overall, I will probably use this hack again since I didn’t have to vacuum after Babykins was done.


3 Comments on “Parenting Hack Test: Bed Sheet Play Yard”

  1. kathryn says:

    Hey there, good idea, I always used dried beans, the kids liked it and I could sweep it up with a broom. Of course I didn’t have carpet in the kitchen, but I think it would work to sweep with a broom even on kitchen carpet. It might get stuck less in the sheet.

    • Katrina says:

      Beans would work well, but I keep pretending that I’m going to make refried beans with the ones I have!

      The good news is that they approved new flooring for the kitchen/dining room at the last voter’s meeting, so hopefully sweeping the kitchen will happen sometime soon. 🙂

  2. Anna M says:

    We use pinwheel pasta. It’s big enough that you can pick it up by hand–yay easier cleanup. The same box has lasted us for nearly six months. On the negative side, though, it’s also easier for a kid to try to eat it.

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