The Problem With Online Shopping

I’m a huge fan of online shopping. While I still make trips to brick-and-mortar stores, I love how I can shop during nap time at my house and not have to talk to strangers. Christmas shopping is so much easier now that I’ve given up driving to the store and just order gifts online (I know, I know, I should be supporting the local economy. . . but I really hate shopping).

Despite my love of online shopping, I still have to admit it has its drawbacks. Sometimes it isn’t cost-effective and sometimes it doesn’t save me any time.

For example, a few months ago our cats destroyed our butter dish while we were out of town for a funeral. Cats can be jerks like that. Anyway, I kept forgetting to buy a new dish whenever I went to Target. I finally decided to see what I could find on Amazon.

The thing about searching for simple household items on Amazon is that there are often thousands of options. Most of these options have reviews. If the reviews are there, of course I have to read them because people can have strong opinions about important things like butter dishes. Heaven forbid that I buy a dish that is slightly difficult to open!

If I had actually remember to buy a butter dish at Target, it would have gone something like this:


One minute of looking at my options and a decision is made.

However, buying a butter dish online went something like this:


30 minutes later, I’ve finally decide what butter dish to purchase. I could have driven to Target in that amount of time.