Being an Adult this Week

My husband and I reached 2 adult milestones this week. First, we finally ordered a newspaper subscription.


Yes, I know–newspapers are soooooo last century. We can get all of our news online for free, why spend $30 a month on a paper?

I’ve tried to read news online and between the overwhelming number of biased newsites and the rise of sensational reporting due to the fast-paced nature of the internet, I just can’t handle it. Likewise, I’ve struggled remember to turn on NPR in the morning to hear the news report. Consequently, a paper option seemed like the best choice to get news. An added bonus is now we’ll have old newspaper on hand in case I decide to make a pinata.

Secondly, we bought a van! My husband’s 2002 Buick Century had served us well over the years but we knew it was one major repair away from scrapping it. Likewise, I didn’t think it would hold up for another 1,200+ miles when we take our family vacation this summer and my husband is extremely uncomfortable driving long distances in our Toyota Corolla (something about 6′ 3″ people not fitting in small cars well). We had money saved up to buy a bigger vehicle and we found a 2009 Toyota Sienna within our price range, so the time was right.

Our van is red, which I think is awesome!

I know you’re used to my completely accurate illustrations, but I promise our van looks better in reality.


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