How Every Sunday Service Goes

My Sunday morning at church usually goes like this: Babykins and I arrive at church and set up our pew. I feel optimistic about whatever new pew strategy I’ve created during the week. Snacks, no snacks, a little toy, no toy, crayons, pencils, books, and so on–I’ve tried all these things. Whatever this week’s plan is makes me feel like I can do this pew-wrangling gig.


Then the next sixty minutes proceed and whatever plan I’ve implemented completely falls apart. Snacks are tossed on the floor, crayons are chucked two pews behind us, hymnals are walked on, and Babykins is yelling because I won’t let her stand by Daddy. By the closing hymn I’ve called it quits and tell myself that I should just expect everything to go wrong in the pew on Sunday.


But time heals many wounds–or at least allows memory to fade–so by next Sunday I have a new plan and a new sense of optimism.

And yes, this coming Sunday will go well, I can just feel it.


2 Comments on “How Every Sunday Service Goes”

  1. Pat Maier says:

    Hang in there! MANY times I’d lament to my husband that there seemed no point in my repeated “pew strategies” as you call them (love it!) & the fact that I got little or nothing from the service…….but he’d remind me: 1) God sees your attempt & rewards your desire to be at worship, 2) you are “training up” our children – God’s command & His promise for blessing, and 3) you’re setting an example for others – the struggle is real for all mommies, especially the singles! Your optimism is as real as the hope we have in Jesus! 🙂

    • Katrina says:

      Thanks for your encouragement! Thankfully my BIL and Babykins’s godparents have older kids, so I know there is light at the end of this tunnel. . . even if it takes a decade to get there. 🙂

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