Popcorn Balls and Keeping it Real

We’re going to our friends’ house for dinner tomorrow night under the guise of a “Corn Festival” (they weren’t able to go back to their hometown’s Corn Festival this year, so I think this is something for their kids to look forward to). Consequently, I had the bright idea to make popcorn balls this morning.

The thing about making popcorn balls from scratch is that you essentially have to make caramel from scratch. That takes time. And since making caramel pretty much involves a million pounds of sugar and heat, Babykins couldn’t “help” me much.

The good news: I made the popcorn balls this morning and they are edible (although some of them have started to come apart since I took the picture).


The reality check: I pretty much gave Babykins anything to distract her while I was stirring the caramel and she was still tearing around the kitchen, yelling with boredom, by the time I was done.


The cat also enjoyed finishing a bowl of oatmeal and milk that Babykins had started eating.


In our world of Pinterest and DIY blogs, it’s good to remember that this whole scenario is most mothers’ reality.




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