Most of the time being a Stay-At-Home-Mom isn’t the most exciting job. Daily tasks seem to fall into 2 categories:

-Keep the household running another day (this involves cooking, cleaning, errands, child wrangling, etc.)

-Teaching my toddler to become a functioning human being (while important, usually involves repetitious and tedious activities like reading a beloved story for the millionth time in an hour).

Admittedly, some days it’s hard to see the worth of working in a dizzying circle of tasks to get the smallest chore or activity completed. It also doesn’t help when a peppy, young college student calls asking for financial support for your Alma Mater and the following conversation ensues:

Student: So what did you get your degree in?

Me: Sociology.

Student: And what job do you currently have?

Me: I’m a Stay-At-Home-Mom.

Student: . . . Um. . . Huh. . . How did you come to do that? I mean, did it just kinda happen?

To be fair to this poor kid, I know he has a script to follow and it probably didn’t have a scenario for tying my degree to being a SAHM.

At any rate, some days are long and hard. But most days have a little taste of pure joy, moments that make this gig wonderful.

Yesterday after nap, I cut up a huge watermelon that a member have given us. I took a bowl of slices outside so Babykins and I could enjoy the late summer sunshine while eating our snack. Watching Babykins happily devour her watermelon was marvelous. She danced around the driveway with juice rolling down her cheeks and chin. We then sat on the front steps and watched the school buses drive away from the school. Babykins excitedly jabbered about the buses rolling past our house. Still eating her watermelon, she then sat next to me on the steps for a few minutes, her sticky arms resting against mine. She was having the time of her life and her happiness brought me contentment.

Of course, moments like these could still occur if I wasn’t home all day, every day. There would still be time after dinner or on the weekends to eat a watermelon outside. But it was such a simple piece of bliss to feel the warm sun, taste the sweet watermelon, and watch my toddler’s joy on a ho-hum Monday afternoon.



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