Thinking about Painting with a Toddler

I’m not terribly motivated when it comes to home decorating projects. In fact, our living room currently stands as a sad testimony of my lack of skills in decor. We inherited gold curtains from the previous pastor’s family when we moved into the parsonage. Even I can tell that they clash horribly with our blue couch and ugly pink armchair. But there they still hang after 2 years because hey, they keep the sun out in the afternoon and curious neighbors at bay at night.

Despite my disinterest in decorating, even I have to admit that some improvements keep the house from a slovenly hovel. Painting walls would be one of these things. Sadly for my unmotivated self, the congregation didn’t have time to paint the parsonage before we moved in (there was only a week between the previous pastor moving out and us moving in, so they barely had time to clean the carpets). Consequently, several rooms in the house need a fresh coat of paint.

Apparently I’m only truly motivated to paint when I’m pregnant because we did manage to paint the nursery right before I had Babykins (by “we”, I mean my husband and parents painted 3 days before I went to the hospital to have Babykins). Now my new goal is to at least get the hallway painted before Sweet Pea’s arrival.

Unfortunately, I’m envisioning a logistical nightmare of painting with a toddler and 2 cats running loose in the house. How do we keep them out of the paint when there isn’t a door to close off the area? Not to mention the fact that I can’t really paint because of fumes.

Thankfully, our wonderful trustee immediately offered to help when I mentioned wanting to paint the hallway soon. At least my husband doesn’t have to do all the work himself. And for a foolish minute, I thought I could actually accomplish the bulk of the prep work. I told my husband that I could patch the little holes and put the painter tape down.

Then I had a clear vision of me carefully putting tape along the door frames and baseboards with an ever curious and “helpful” Babykins following behind, carefully tugging up the tape. And with that, my can-do attitude quickly changed to defeat.


I can’t believe that people actually paint their houses for fun.


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