This and That and Ahhhhhh!

Yes, this is another “Sorry It’s Been Quiet Here Lately” post. Like most people, life is busy right now (my busy may look different than yours). Babykins is still on her nap strike and we’re diligently working with her to keep some sort of “quiet time” in her schedule. How else am I supposed to get my afternoon chocolate fix? But combining a long term nap strike with the time change meant that no one in our house got much sleep last week.

Additionally, once we flipped the calendar to November I’ve had a perpetual feeling of panic to get things done in preparation for Sweet Pea’s arrival. What this really means is that I think about all the things I should do but really barely accomplish enough to get through the day.

Our pre-baby home improvement projects are now completed. The new windows are in and the new siding is up. My husband and the trustee painted the hallway and guest bedroom last weekend and my husband finally finished the touch up work yesterday.

Of course, the last 4 weeks of pregnancy means that I feel like I perpetually have some medical appointment–midwife appointments, chiropractor appointments, random ultrasound appointments. Dragging a toddler along just adds to the “fun”.

At any rate, that’s a little sample of what’s been going on here.


2 Comments on “This and That and Ahhhhhh!”

  1. Rebekah says:

    You’re getting so close🙂 I know it probably doesn’t feel that way. I do think something in our bodies amps up in preparation for a new baby, and then, at some point, you start to slow down as the time gets nearer. Listen to you body as best you can. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with paper plates for the next few months if your budget accommodate it.

    • Katrina says:

      I feel like I slowed down months ago. 🙂 As I’m sure you know, it’s very different being pregnant while caring for a toddler vs. being pregnant with your first–Toddlers take so much energy!

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