Unexpected Answers

You can never tell what 4-year-olds might do, but the reasoning for their actions are often more unexpected than the initial action.

For example, last week Babykins and Sweet Pea were peacefully playing in the sandbox while I puttered around the yard. Suddenly, I hear Babykins wailing. I quickly strode over to the sandbox to asses the situation. Babykins was sitting next to Sweet Pea with a guilty look on her face. Sweet Pea was crying and had sand all over her hat, inside her coat’s hood, and down her back. It didn’t take a trained investigator to realize that Babykins had dumped sand on Sweet Pea’s head.

“Why on earth would you dump sand on your sister’s head?!” I asked Babykins. She promptly replied:

I’ll have to admit I wasn’t expecting that answer!


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