About “An Illustrated Parsonage Life”

Husband and meWhen I started this blog, it was entitled “The Seminarian’s Wife” because my husband was a seminarian.  I used this blog as an outlet as we dealt with life as a sem. couple.  I first worked at a daycare and then as a nanny during these years.  We moved every summer and had many adventures and trials as we figured out our lives as newly weds.

I write under the pseudonym “Katrina” as a loose form of privacy.


This is my husband, whom I refer to as “my husband” or “T” because I never made him a real pseudonym.  We were married in August 2010. He is a pastor in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.


We have 2 daughters, I refer to our oldest as “Babykins” (or “Baby Girl” in the first few posts after her birth).  She was born in September 2014 and has graciously been our test subject for this whole parenting thing (Don’t tell her this, but we really don’t know what we’re doing).

Sweet Pea was born in November 2016. She likes to prove that younger siblings do NOT do everything the same as their older siblings.


These are our cats.  We adopted them as kittens in November of 2013.


We all live in Northern Iowa, where my husband is a sole pastor at a church in a small town.  Since my husband an I both grew up in Iowa, we enjoy living here.

writingI enjoy reading, writing, occasionally baking, eating chocolate, and drinking coffee.  On this blog,  I write about various topics:  Life as a pastor’s wife, introversion, marriage, motherhood, and absurd stories from my life.

Oh, and I sometimes illustrate these stories with *awesome* stick-figure drawings.  Be amazed.




3 Comments on “About “An Illustrated Parsonage Life””

  1. Honest question: how do you deal with being home alone all the time while he is out doing ministry? I’m a new pastor’s wife and I’m starting to talk to myself I am going crazy.

    • Katrina says:

      Good question, although I may not be the most knowledgeable person to ask since I’ve only been at this for a month. 🙂

      Sadly, I don’t think there is an easy answer. There are things I do to keep busy. I focus on running the household by cooking, cleaning, and shopping. It sounds very 1950’s housewifey, but these things need to be done. I also focus a bit more on my hobbies–writing, baking, reading, and we’re hoping to get a piano sometime in the near future (I like to play, but not in front of people). I try to leave the house at least once a day, even if that’s just to go on a walk. I find having our cats helps a little bit with the loneliness as well.

      Still, it gets lonely. Just the other week I was extremely down because I had spent so much time by myself. From what other pastor’s wives have told me, it can take several years to start building meaningful relationships with others in the community, and even then there is a sense of slight isolation. I guess this isn’t an easy life, but it’s where I am. On the bright side, it makes me rely on/communicate with my husband more, which I think has strengthen our marriage.

      Sorry I can’t give more helpful advice other than you aren’t the only one going crazy! Solidarity in insanity, right?

      • Haha I never realized that being a Pastor’s Wife would be a “when in Rome” situation with insanity. It makes sense, though the thought of it taking *years* to make friends is extremely depressing.

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