We’re Back, Part 2: Some Updates and Thoughts

Goodness, now it’s October?! I’m guessing one of these months you’ll get tired of these, “Wow, time really flies–here’s a brief update!” posts. But here we are. Another month has come and gone.

Babykins turned 3 years old last month. She loved her birthday party, especially the lovely cake a member made for her. Sweet Pea is now 10 months old. She is pulling herself up on things, starting to cruise next to furniture, and has made it her life’s mission to eat the cats’ food every time I turn my back. Oh, and our cats also turned 4. I made cupcakes for their birthday (actually, I just wanted cupcakes but pretended they were the reason).

In other news, you might be wondering if this blog is more or less defunct. Not officially. I keep thinking that I’ll get my act together and put together some awesome posts with hilarious illustrations, but it just isn’t happening. Most of the reason is that the biggest chunk of free time I get during they day is after the girls are in bed. Sadly, I’ve never been a night owl and my brain just doesn’t have the same creativity that it would have at 6 a.m. Both girls are typically up around 6:15 a.m. There goes creative work time. I suppose I could always get up at 4 a.m., but Sweet Pea would have to start sleeping through the night. . . or at least stop waking up every 2-3 hours throughout the night. But it’s not entirely due to the girls’ poorly timed wakeups that I’m not posting–I also have a tendency to waste time on Facebook during nap/quiet time.

At any rate, this rambling post was to give you a quick update as well as prove that evening writing isn’t my strong suit.


This and That and Ahhhhhh!

Yes, this is another “Sorry It’s Been Quiet Here Lately” post. Like most people, life is busy right now (my busy may look different than yours). Babykins is still on her nap strike and we’re diligently working with her to keep some sort of “quiet time” in her schedule. How else am I supposed to get my afternoon chocolate fix? But combining a long term nap strike with the time change meant that no one in our house got much sleep last week.

Additionally, once we flipped the calendar to November I’ve had a perpetual feeling of panic to get things done in preparation for Sweet Pea’s arrival. What this really means is that I think about all the things I should do but really barely accomplish enough to get through the day.

Our pre-baby home improvement projects are now completed. The new windows are in and the new siding is up. My husband and the trustee painted the hallway and guest bedroom last weekend and my husband finally finished the touch up work yesterday.

Of course, the last 4 weeks of pregnancy means that I feel like I perpetually have some medical appointment–midwife appointments, chiropractor appointments, random ultrasound appointments. Dragging a toddler along just adds to the “fun”.

At any rate, that’s a little sample of what’s been going on here.

Nap Strike

Things have been quiet around my blog lately for various reasons. We’ve had a busy October with guests and preparations for Sweet Pea. We’ve also been going through a vicious nap strike with 2-year-old Babykins.

I understand that nap strikes are developmentally normal for a toddler. Consequently, every day I put Babykins down for a nap. For the past 3 weeks, naps have gone 1 of 3 ways.

  1. Babykins quickly quiets down in her crib and SLEEPS!
  2. Babykins plays in her crib for 90 minutes or so and decides she is done with naptime.
  3. Babykins flips out after about 30 minutes (or less) and the rest of naptime is crying, frustrating mess.

On no nap days–which have occurred about 2/3 of the time the last few weeks–bedtime is at 6 p.m. Babykins typically passes out within minutes of going into her crib and then wakes up 11 or 12 hours later ready to take on the world again (sometimes there’s an early evening wake-up involving a missing pacifier).

To be fair, there are a plethora of reasons Babykins may not be napping right now. We had one week that our friends visited AND we had new windows put into the parsonage (not exactly conductive for settling down in the middle of the day). Babykins has been chatting more than ever and is probably going through a developmental spurt. She is also pushing her canines through and those teeth are vicious.

I try to remember that the nap strike isn’t a personal attack on me and Babykins is just being a toddler. But my selfish nature just gets so tired. No nap days are long with little downtime. Even when the 6 p.m. bedtime comes and I finally have time to catch up, I’m too exhausted to do anything productive. Of course, the exhaustion could also be related to being 35 weeks pregnant.

At any rate, that is my tale of naptime woe from the past 3 weeks. Babykins has deigned today to be a “sleeping in” day and has graciously given me an hour of glorious free time this morning. Ahhhhh. . . But now it is 6:45, she is starting to chat in her crib, and we must get this Sunday morning show on the road, so I bid you adieu!

Where I’ve Been: Christmas Edition

I haven’t been writing much the past month. Despite trying not to go overboard with extra Christmas activities, December always seems to fill with extra baking, more time shopping (but thank goodness for online shopping!), and scrambling to finish Christmas cards. My father-in-law and my parents were able to visit around Christmas day, so there was time to be spent with them. Also, Babykins finally got 3 teeth this past month. We’ve had some rough nights as she works on pushing those bad boys through, so several days this month have been “Mommy Zombie” days.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not resentful of any of these things. Well, I could probably do without the sleep withdrawal, but dealing with teething is just a right of passage in parenting (and it’s not like Babykins is having a good time). But I know I have limited time to do my fun stuff. In December, Christmas takes much of that time and blog writing takes a break.

We’re now in the midst of our “3 trips in 3 weeks” saga. Life doesn’t slow down just because the calendar flips over to January. However, I am hoping to return to writing on a semi-regular basis. Our travels will bring plenty of experiences for me to write about–my first time single parenting in a hotel, Babykins’s first funeral, and Babykins’s first plane ride are a few examples. Plus, our second annual parsonage open house is on the calendar for later this month and I sincerely doubt I’ll be able to hide in our bedroom this year. How will I survive?!

I hope you all had (and are having) a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Finishing NaBloPoMo

At the beginning of this month, I decided to unofficially participate in NaBloPoMo and committed to posting on my blog once a day during November. I am happy to say that I did achieve my goal and there are now 29 posts logged under “November 2015” (this will be number 30!).

Not every post is a marvelous piece of writing (and I’ll admit that the last week I’ve been scrambling to get anything posted). However, I did learn some things about my blogging the past month.

1. I can be more a more prolific writer than I thought.  Ever since Babykins arrived, I’ve struggled to produce blog posts. Exhaustion is partly to blame, but most of the reason is that I really didn’t think I had the time. Obviously, that is not true. I can find time to write if I commit to it.

2. I have limited time throughout the day for personal activities. While I do enjoy writing, I also have other things I like to do. On the days I try to create a full blog post, that leaves very little time for my other enjoyments. I suppose this should have been obvious.

3. I have certain times of day that I write better. I found out that if I wanted to write a full post, I needed to start in the morning and finish during naptime. If I waited until the evening, my creative energy was spent and I couldn’t write. This wasn’t a huge surprise since I’ve always been a morning person.

After participating in NaBloPoMo this past month, I’m seriously considering making a posting schedule and sticking to it–not every day, but perhaps a couple of times a week. However, I wouldn’t implement a schedule until the new year because I’m not a (completely) crazy person. Getting through December is the priority right now. 🙂


The Post about a Post of a Post

Today was a busy day. My husband was busy at work, so Babykins and I were on our own most of the day. I needed to pack for our Thanksgiving travels but that feat is next to impossible with a toddler in tow. Naturally, because my husband had a service tonight and I needed to continue packing, Babykins gave bedtime a good fight for over an hour.

I had just gotten Babykins to sleep when my husband arrived home. Groaning, I informed him that I hadn’t written a post yet today. He thought for a moment, started laughing, and said, “You could draw a picture of a post for your post. Or is it faster to write something rather than draw something?”

“It’s faster for me to write,” I replied.

Since I still don’t have any ideas for today’s post, I’m now writing a post about my husband’s post suggestion of drawing a post.

The End.

The Problem With Writing

The problem with writing is that sometimes you meticulously craft a sentence, paragraph, or entire post, only to look at it and say, “Crap, I can’t use this.”

There goes a half hour of work this morning.


NaBloPoMo? What is this nonsense?

NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month. It’s an offshoot of a more popular writing challenge NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). While with NaNoWriMo the goal is to write a 50,000-word novel in the month of November, the goal for NaBloPoMo is to write a blog post daily.

NaBloPoMo isn’t as popular as NaNoWriMo. The most official site I can find about it is through BlogHer. Since they didn’t have instructions up until a few days ago, I don’t feel confident enough to officially enroll. However, I’ve decided to casually participate in NaBlogPoMo this year!

Consequently, you can look forward to a new blog post every day for the next month (I know that you are jumping up and down with excitement right now). I can’t promise that they will be brilliant, insightful, or hilarious, but there will be something every day.

And now I must sign off so I can save my husband from a screaming Babykins, who has been up since 4:50 a.m. and is quite irate that I didn’t get her up at that time. Daylight Savings Time ending is the worst.

Fact: You Can Still Fall Behind Even When You Aren’t Working

While preparing for this recent move, I started making big plans about how I would use my time, especially before Baby arrives.  Since I only have a small writing gig that takes about a half-day’s work to complete (if I’m on task), I thought that I would never fall behind on my work.

I would keep a tidy house.  I would write on this blog 3 times a week, including a well-researched Introvert Monday post.  I would bake and cook delicious meals.  I would prepare everything for Baby.  I would be . . .

Super Homemaker

Of course, what I plan and what actually happens are generally two different things.  Sometimes I don’t focus on my work and fall into the abyss of the internet.  Sometimes Baby sucks my energy.  Sometimes I give into apathy and wonder what’s the point of maintaining an orderly house.  And apparently, sometimes I catch a horrible cold that makes me feel like I’m moving underwater right before I go visit my parents for the weekend, rendering me incapable of thinking prior to the trip and horribly behind on my projects when I get back.

The last reason is my excuse for the lack of posts these last two weeks.  But I’m almost caught up now. . . except that I need to start cooking dinner.

Excuses, Excuses

I was going to write a blog post this week.  It was going to be amazing.  But first I trouble coming up with an idea besides “Write about something amazing”.  I finally came up with an idea yesterday, but I couldn’t find time to write between laundry loads, packing, and having a “How I Meet Your Mother” marathon with my husband.  So I was going to write it today after work, but I got off later than I expected and had a nice phone chat with one of my best friends.  Consequently, it’s now 9:00 and I’m tired, so there’s no amazing post.  You get this bit of blathering instead.

*update*   I was glancing through my recent posts and realized I wrote like a slightly intoxicated person in this post–I told you I was tired.