It’s a Season

A couple of weeks ago I decided to make an honest effort to create a solid housekeeping routine. Housework had fallen by the way-way-wayside when I struggled with morning sickness and I decided that if I couldn’t get my act together during the second-trimester “golden period”, our house would never survive with 2 kids running around.

I know enough about creating habits to realize that I needed to start my goal small. So I mentally made a weekly checklist of everything that needed to be done: Clean the kitchen counters, sweep and Swiffer the kitchen floor, vacuum, clean the bathroom, and laundry. I would also try to complete a sprinkling of deep cleaning throughout the week. I felt so pleased with myself that I even acknowledged that I probably wouldn’t regularly dust and left it off the list.

It sounded so manageable. Apparently it wasn’t.

To be fair, last week we had a vicious summer cold run through our family, so my low energy and attempts to comfort a snotty toddler certainly didn’t make for superb productivity. But this week hasn’t been any better–cleaning still seems to constantly get interrupted by pressing errands (apparently people around here like to eat and that requires a trip to the grocery store) and unexpected short naps.

In a fit of frustration, I asked my Facebook mommy group how they managed housework while juggling the needs of their families. It turns out I’m not alone in my struggle. For the most part, the season of life involving young children just doesn’t make for pristine homes. It calls for keeping things just above complete chaos and ignoring things like dust in the closets.

Likewise, a friend gave me this dishtowel a few months ago:


My mom always says that they wouldn’t make things like this unless it was true for numerous people. So here’s to our messy, happy homes!


Leaves, Leaves, Everywhere

Growing up, my parents’ property didn’t have many trees. We had a few small, sickly apple and pear trees in the backyard and a couple of young oak trees in the front yard. We planted more trees on our property throughout my childhood, but most of them were pine trees. Consequently, we never had to rake leaves in the fall.

We had several trees in our yard on vicarage (after all, we lived in the Big Woods), we weren’t responsible for raking leaves. Our old farmhouse yard only had a couple of pine trees. Leaf raking wasn’t something I had much experience with before we moved here. We didn’t even own a rake! However, our parsonage has trees galore–5 by my count. And these aren’t itty-bitty trees. They’re HUGE.


            Just one of our 5 trees.

Consequently, last September I bought a rake so we could take care of our yard. Then Babykins arrived and threw our lives into such chaos that my husband and I never got around to raking leaves. I’m not sure what happened to them because we actually raked leaves this fall and there was an overwhelming amount. I can’t tell you the how many bags we took to the dump pile outside of town, but my husband took several carloads each time we raked.

The more leaves we raked, the more mortified I became that we did absolutely no raking last fall. I’m terribly sorry, neighbors, that all of our leaves blew into your yards last year. Can I play the “We Just Had a Baby” card?