This Winter’s Games

Let’s play a game called “Will My Nanny Kids Have a Normal School Day Today?”  Since school resumed after winter break, there have been 13 school cancellations and 8 2-hour delays.  I think the weather is winning.

Let’s play another game called “Who is Going to Get Sick at Work?”  In a super-fun twist, we’ll include the dogs in this game.  So far I’m winning over my bosses because I’ve only had to clean up dog vomit once and I’ve only dealt with part of the fevers.

Either way, these games are starting to wear me out.


Sometimes I Feel So Loved That I Want Everyone to Leave Me Alone for 10 Minutes

When I’m at work, there are many times throughout the day when I have one dog trying to lay in my lap, another dog trying to get me to pet him, and the baby wanting me to play with him.


Admittedly, it can be a bit overwhelming to have so many creatures craving my attention.  On the other hand, I never question whether or not they want me around.