Pinterest Mom I am Not

Remember that time I had the brilliant idea to have Babykins make Easter cards? It didn’t work. But now that Babykins is almost 2 years older, I thought now she would be able to make some little crafts to send to grandparents and her sponsors. So I did what every savvy mother seems to do: I headed to Pinterest.

I found a simple Christmas tree craft that I modified. Babykins would cut out 3 triangles (look, we would learn about shapes!) and then glue them together to make a tree. After that, I would have her use a Q-tip and dab paint on the trees to make ornaments (hey, we would learn about colors!). I made an example for Babykins to see:

I then drew some triangles and had Babykins start cutting them out. It took some convincing to get Babykins to cut out all the triangles but she eventually had 6 shapes that somewhat looked like they had 3 sides. I gave her a glue stick and helped her glue on her first triangle. I then left the vicinity of the dining room table to grab something. By the time I came back, Babykins had managed to paste all the triangles onto her two papers. They were all over the page and looked nothing like a tree. Sighing, I told myself that it this way it looked like Babykins did her own work.

Next I set her up with some paint. I showed her how to use the Q-tip and watched as she dabbed on a few “ornaments”. Then Sweet Pea woke up from her nap and I made a rookie parent mistake–I left my 3 year old unattended with paint while I went to take care of the baby. I returned to find Babykins painting her hand and this on her papers:

Honestly, it could have been worse, but it certainly wasn’t what I had envisioned for a gift.  I gave up. Rather than trying to get her to make a proper tree, I just gave her some paper and told her she could paint it however she wanted.

It was time for a bath after Babykins finished painting because she always insists on covering her entire arm whenever we use finger paints.

The moral of the story? Pinterest is filled with caregiver crafts, not preschooler crafts. That, or I’m very lazy about making my preschooler follow directions during art time. Either way, it usually leads to a mess.


A Positive Customer Service Experience

At the beginning of December, I ordered my husband’s Christmas gift from ThinkGeek.  A few days later I received notification that my order had been processed and would soon be on its way.  I clicked on the link that took me to UPS’s tracking site, saw that my package hadn’t shipped from there yet, decided to check back in a few days, and then promptly forgot about the gift.

On Monday I realized that I hadn’t gotten my order yet.  When I checked the tracking site again, I saw that there still wasn’t a delivery status posted.  Since it was well beyond the 24-48 hour period, I e-mailed UPS to find out what happen to the package.  I still haven’t heard back from them.

On Wednesday, I called ThinkGeek’s customer service number to see if they could do anything about the missing order.  In less than 2 minutes I was talking to an actual person and not just pushing numbers on my phone.  The service rep. checked the status of my order.  Since he didn’t know what went wrong, he said that he would put in a replacement order for me and make sure that it got there by Christmas.  When I told him that my husband and I were leaving town before Christmas, he arranged to have the order delivered by Saturday.  My husband’s Christmas gift arrived yesterday.

It brightens my week that not only was I able to talk to an actual person about my order issue, he promptly fixed the order without trying to pass along the problem.  So, thank you ThinkGeek!