It’s Summer 2015

It’s Summer 2015. You know what that means?


No more boxes, no more tape. No more researching moving trucks and packing up all of our belongings.

Of course, now I have to figure out how to actually deep clean the house on occasion. Moving was always the cue to do that in the past. ūüėČ



Our 4 Stages of Moving

It’s moving week for my husband and me. ¬†That means we are now in the throes of the 4 Stages of Moving.

Stage 1: Denial

This stage usual begins about 3-4 weeks before our move. ¬†It’s generally when we haven’t actually starting packing but we’re seriously¬†thinking¬†about starting packing. ¬†We try to convince ourselves that this move will be better then the last move and that we actually don’t have as much to pack as we think we do.

stage 1

Whether or not this is true, this keeps the panic at bay so we at least start filling boxes.

Stage 2: Panic

This stage usually begins somewhere around 1-2 weeks before our move.  As boxes begin to pile up around us and more and more things get added to our moving list, nerves and panic start to set in.

Stage 2

Things to panic about include having enough space in the moving truck, having enough boxes or packing material, and having enough help to load up the moving truck. ¬†There is also the option to panic about the fact that we’re moving to a new town where we don’t know anyone.

Stage 3: Celebration

This stage occurs after we get everything into the truck/trailer.  We can breath a sigh of relief because everything is packed and we can check off one of the biggest things on our moving list.  This stage lasts about 10 minutes before reverting back to Stage 2 because, well, we still have to finish cleaning the house, make a long drive, unload the truck, meet new people. . .

Stage 3


Stage 4: Acceptance

No matter what we do, how much we plan, and what we tell ourselves, moving is an exhausting ordeal.  At the end of the move, we just have to accept the physical and emotional exhaustion that always follows.

Stage 4

*Note: We are loading up the trailer tomorrow and moving to Iowa on Friday. ¬†The bad news is that we’ll be sans internet for a bit. ¬†I know, I know, you’ll cry yourself to sleep knowing that there will not be new post coming the next few days (not that I’ve been posting¬†consistently anyway). ¬†The good news is that I have some ideas¬†percolating for blog posts and even a new blog title! ¬†After all, I can’t be the Seminarian’s Wife when my husband isn’t a seminarian. ¬†ūüôā¬†¬†

Our Cats Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Moving

I’ve mentioned before that a new aspect for this move is the fact that we have cats. ¬†Truth be told, I’m a little worried and nervous about taking our 2 cats that were born on the porch of this house to a new home. ¬†I have a tendency to humanize animals, so I fear that we’ll permanently traumatize the cats by taking them from their birthplace. ¬†I have issues, I know.

At any rate, our cats have no idea what’s coming. ¬†All they know right now is that the giant creatures they board with are steadily¬†dismantling the house. ¬†Their reaction to our packing varies from enjoyment to fear.

On one hand, they are currently in a kitty playground.  They have lots of empty boxes to hide in.  There are piles of packing paper (and bubble wrap when they can get their paws on it) to jump onto and scatter.  There are empty shelves to explore.  They love it!


On the other hand, they are living in a kitty nightmare.  Things are rapidly changing.  The giant creatures are acting strange.  There are lots of unfamiliar crashes coming from odd places.  Oh, and there is the constant riiiiiiiiiiiiip of packing tape (because everyone *loves* that sound. . .or not).  They hate it!


Consequently, the cats¬†don’t know what to make of their surroundings. ¬†Should they like moving or not? ¬†I think stuffing them in a kennel for an 8-hour car trip might sway them towards the latter.