What We Can Remember and Learn from Our Persecuted Brothers and Sisters

Truth be told, I haven’t been closely following the story of ISIS’ actions in Iraq.  I can’t bring myself to read about the horrors unfolding there, but I know it’s bad.  It’s hard not to feel like pulling an ostrich move and hide when there’s nothing you can do to help.

However, there was a clear, concise blog post from the LCMS’ website tells us what we can do when hearing of horrible persecution across the world. 

So what does the post tell us that we can do?

Repent for our lack of faith, because there may very well be a day in which we are faced with similar persecution.  Learn from and pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Remember that as Christians, the world is not our home.  While Americans are blessed to live in a country to not face such deadly persecution, our real home is in heaven.

Ready ourselves for the time when our faith is put to the test.  Read the scriptures, study the catechism, and memorize hymns so we can have God’s comfort and strength on our lips on our days of suffering.

Rejoice in the work God has given us, even when it brings suffering and death.

Also, there is a link for a newly set up fund to help persecuted Christians.

And we continue to pray for those suffering in Iraq.  Kyrie Eleison.