Pregnancy Brain, Part II

There’s no denying it now–pregnancy brain has hit.  I forget details easily, like how much money I withdrew from the bank last week (Surprise, I did have an extra $20 after all!  It just took me 4 days to find it).  Sometimes I’ll listen to a conversation like I’m in a cozy fog.  And apparently I ask my husband to do things and then forget.

forgetting everything

The good news is that the sponge looked almost new.

And don’t even get me started about my focus.  There’s a reason why I haven’t written an “Introvert Monday” post the last few weeks.

Sometimes I get frustrated with my mental capabilities.  It’s hard enough talking to people around town without feeling like a space cadet and I never know what thought is going to slip down my mental drain.

On the bright side, it’s really exciting getting packages from Amazon because I can’t remember what I ordered.  It’s like giving myself a present!



Pregnancy Brain

One of the supposed side effects of pregnancy and is forgetfulness (a.k.a.–pregnancy brain).  I say “supposed” because while almost every mother I talk to will say that pregnancy brain is a real and powerful thing, many books and websites explain that there isn’t a whole lot of evidence that proves that pregnancy brain actually exists.

Consequently, I’ve been hesitant to blame memory hiccups on my pregnancy.  Okay, so I’ve forgotten my debit pin number a few times, confused my phone number a couple of times, and even gave my husband the wrong Social Security Number when he was filling out insurance forms. . .twice.  But I’ve done all those things pre-pregnancy as well.  Not to mention it was hard to tell if the memory lapses were pregnancy related or simply common distraction that occurs during stressful times.

However, this past week my memory has taken a turn for the worse.  On Tuesday morning, not only did I show up to my midwife appointment at the wrong time (thankfully I was early and not late), I also forgot to bring the grocery money for shopping afterwards.  While each incident by itself wouldn’t be surprising, having both in one morning is very unlike me.  I started to think maybe the dreaded pregnancy brain was indeed striking.  I made a mental note to tell my husband, mostly because I had also told him before that pregnancy brain may not be a real thing.

Then on Friday, my husband and  I were driving to the small town next to us and something small ticked me off.  The following conversation ensued:


pregnancy brain


Yup, pregnancy brain just might be real after all.

*Update 7/26/2014–I don’t know if you ever noticed, but most of my drawings have my blog title printed on them.  Today I realized that I put the wrong title on these drawings.  😦  Another point in pregnancy brain’s favor?