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Running Music

In high school I was a fairly decent runner.  However, the extra activities and pressures of college life (not to mention my running buddy graduating and moving, *sniff*) eventually led me to discontinue running.  Occasionally over the last two years I would get myself motivated to start running again, would go for one run, and would then feel so sore the next several days that I wouldn’t go for a second run.

However, with this more recent move I’ve once again found myself determined to lace up my running shoes and start consistently running again.  Admittedly, I haven’t quite gotten the “consistent” aspect down, but I have already run more since we moved here than I did in all of the last school year.

Something I realized helps me feel a little more motivated to run is listening to music, which I never did during high school.  It helps me find a rhythm and gives me a little bit of company (or at least quiets my thoughts of, “Ahhh, the pain!  I’m going to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiie, just let me stoooooooooop!”).  Even better, I’ve discovered my best running music:  Doctor Who soundtracks.  It makes sense, in the show the characters are constantly running and the soundtrack conveys that action.  What better motivation to keep running when the music was created for running?