Sunday Morning Sick Day

After a few days of acting off, Babykins woke up vomiting this morning at 5:40. That made it clear that she and I would not be going to church today. She went back to sleep at 7:30 (because who really wants to be up for the day at 5:40 a.m. when they are sick?) and now I’m watching this quiet Sunday morning unfold from the living room.

It’s strange having time like this in the morning, it’s even stranger to have time like this on Sunday morning. There was no rush to wrestle Babykins into her dress, there was no panic to make myself presentable. By now, I would be wrangling Babykins into her car seat and grabbing everything we need to get through the service (have you ever forgotten a child’s beloved pacifier and then try to keep them calm and quiet? I did, once. Never again).

I should probably do something to make up a little bit of missing church, but sitting on the couch reading my Bible–which, truthfully, is sorely neglected in these days of pregnancy and toddler-wrangling–really isn’t the same as singing the liturgy with others and hearing God’s Word spoken to me. Well, hearing as much as a can between hushing the toddler and stopping her from escaping.

At any rate, I guess I’ll turn on some hymns and clean up the kitchen. There’s a puke bucket that should probably be rinsed out as well.


Momma Sick Day

Yesterday I woke up with a headache that began to turn into a migraine while I showered. My migraines are few and far between. They are also quite manageable as long as I can take some Tylenol and lay down for a half hour. Unfortunately, a half hour of rest when Babykins is awake isn’t doable these days.

My husband promised to relieve me once he was done teaching the women’s Bible study, so I hunkered down for a couple of hours of toddler-minding. I let Babykins clamber over the couch and armchair for awhile, read her The Very Busy Spider 10 times, and gave her a snack. I thought  I was feeling better and tried to start laundry, but the migraine resurfaced.

Admitting defeat, I tossed some toys on the floor for Babykins and laid down next to her. Of course, this wasn’t particularly helpful either because next thing I knew, one of our cats was trying to snuggle on me for warmth. Babykins thought this was a game a proceeded to pat my head again and again, giggling.

momma sick day

Next time I’m turning on the T.V.

Never fear, my husband returned soon after this and I got to rest. Fully recovered, Babykins and I spent the rest of the day doing Pinterest-worthy crafts, enriching activities that will make her into a genius, and cooking a feast. Just kidding. We went to the library where she licked the toys and then she cried when I tried to take her outside to play.